Center for Nonprofit Excellence

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE), established at the Community Foundation in 1997, has moved to Hodges University. To help establish the training program at the university, the Community Foundation awarded a three-year grant totaling $150,000.

“This partnership will help to increase the effectiveness of the Center, and will extend the knowledge base of nonprofits throughout the area. As part of the Nichols School of Professional Studies, the Center will be able to provide additional opportunities to better serve the nonprofit community by helping train and educate leaders who can work for the public good across many sectors.”

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence has provided training for 7,000 participants from local nonprofit organizations over the past 16 years. Under Hodges’ management, the Center will be expanding and offering additional services to nonprofits.

Students are able to earn three different certificates – in Governance, Operations, and Management.  To qualify you will need to register with Hodges ($35 administrative fee) and complete four (4) workshops in one of the three categories.  You may earn one certificate or all three.

View a program schedule and receive more information by visiting Center for Nonprofit Excellence at Hodges University.