For Students

Scholarship Opportunities

Positive growth in any community begins with its young people. That’s why investing in their education guarantees their success as an individual and professional. In 2014, the Community Foundation of Collier County awarded 64 scholarships totaling more than $456,000 to students enrolled in accredited high school, trade school, community college and university programs for the 2014-2105 academic year.  Community Foundation scholarships are designated for students who currently attend schools in Florida’s Collier and Lee Counties.

Scholarships were awarded through twenty-two funds administered by the Community Foundation and established by generous local donors, corporations and organizations seeking to assist students in pursuing higher education. Most of these funds focus on students’ achievements, financial hardships and academics and all express a deep belief in the power of education to help young people achieve their dreams. Objective selection committees appointed by the Community Foundation evaluate the candidates.

Visit our new scholarship website, Collier County Scholarship Connector – The most complete online source connecting students to local scholarships.


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Getting Started

If you are a donor, we can help you start a scholarship fund to assist underprivileged students, support a specific school or education initiative, or start a scholarship for college or university.  You may stay involved as an advisor or allow the Community Foundation to appoint a selection committee that selects scholarship recipients based upon specific criteria.

If you are a student, review all of the available scholarships, their eligibility requirements and the important deadlines.