Transfer of Wealth

Why Should We Give Back To This Community?

Collier County offers a quality of life and a tropical ambiance that is irresistible to full-time and part-time residents and vacationers alike. But if you look beyond the pristine beaches, lavish oceanfront homes, luxurious culinary delights and upscale shopping venues, you will find people in need. Did you know that 31 percent of children in Collier County live in poverty? Or that 24 percent of Collier County residents do not have health insurance? Or that human trafficking is taking place in our neighborhoods? Learn more about our community Vital Signs and understand our opportunity to transform the community we enjoy is now.


In 2012, Florida Philanthropic Network commissioned a “Transfer of Wealth” study to understand what might happen to wealth as Baby Boomers begin to retire and pass their assets on to the next generation.

The study revealed a possible transfer of $52 billion in Collier County.

Over the next 10 years, we could capture $14.7 billion.  Consider this: if we captured just 5% of $14.7 billion, that would translate into $734 million for this community in the next 10 years.

Endowing $734 million would spin off $34 million each year to address needs and challenges facing children, women, elderly, families, the homeless, the hungry, human services, public safety, unemployment,
education, healthcare, the arts, environment and wildlife.


Endowments create a permanent source of income. Nonprofits can set up an Agency Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation of Collier County for as little as $10,000. We manage the assets and the nonprofit decides when to access the funds. Pooling assets at the Community Foundation of Collier County reduces expenses and enables funds to accept a wide variety of gifts. We bring visibility to the endowment fund and protect its permanence and purpose – FOREVER.

You have a lot invested here. Help us endow Collier County’s future.